About PyramidMap

What’s pyramidMap

PyramidMap is a map product of pyramidMap studio for intelligent application and development. Adhering to the three principles of professional technology, intelligent deployment and practical function, we provide a complete map application system for users. Based on the pyramidMap platform, users can quickly build their own map application. The whole application covers the GIS server engine and its corresponding client components, and supports multi terminal and cross platform deployment. Pyramidmap engine implements elastic function through plugin mode, supports 2D and 3D map application based on Web GL. PyramidMap supports WMS / WFS / WCS / KML and other standard interfaces, and realizes data communication and integration between heterogeneous GIS platforms throught following OGC specification. The pyramidmap engine outputs map services and development interfaces in widget component mode. It has built-in support for ArcGIS, GeoServer, Openlayers, Leafet, Cesium JS, Google map, Mapbox, and Amap/Baidu maps. It also provides Python based interfaces to meet the all-round data processing needs of map users.

Contact us

Site: https://www.pyramidmap.com

Git: https://pyramidmap.github.io